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sexta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2010

Frustração! / Frustration!

Estou chateada.
Já há alguns dias que ando a pensar que quero fazer alguma coisa. Quero dizer, ter a ideia, começar e acabar algo. Mas parece que não consigo!
A noite passada estive no fórum e a fazer pesquisas online para descobrir como é que fazia o feed do blog para o Facebook sem conseguir nada além de uma boa dose de frustração! Eventualmente desisti e acabei por decidir perguntar a quem sabe do assunto. Amigo C., muito obrigada pela ajuda! Sem ti não tinha chegado lá! :)
Continuando, a noite passada acabei por não pegar nas minhas contas e arames e decidi que esta noite não me ia deixar "agarrar" pelo computador... e foi isso mesmo que eu fiz.
Acabadas as tarefas do dia, sentei-me no meu sofá, com as minhas caixinhas, ferramentas e etc. todas à minha volta, e uma hora depois... nada! Mexi daqui, mexi dali, estraguei uma data de arame e acabei por ficar a olhar para tudo sem que me saísse a mais pequena ideia do que estava ali para ser feito!
Sinto-me frustrada!


I'm a bit upset.
It's been a couple of days since I'm thinking that I want to make something. I mean, I want to have that idea, start it and finish something. But apparently I can't!
Last night I sat at the computer, writing in the forum and googling for the way to feed my blog into Facebook and getting nothing except a large dose of frustration! Eventually I gave up and decided to ask someone who knows what he's doing. My friend C., thank you so much for your help. I couldn't have done it without you! :)
Anyway, last night I ended up not picking up my beads and wires and decided that tonight I would not let myself be "hooked" on my computer... and that what I did.
After finishing all the day's household tasks, I sat on my couch with all by bead containers, tools and stuff and one hour later... nothing! I messed with this, I played with that, I ruined a lot of wire and ended up staring at everything without the slightest idea of what's there just waiting to be made into something!
I feel frustrated!

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  1. Aw Cristina, I know just how you feel! So many times I've sat and stared and wished for inspiration that wouldn't come. Here's a thought: Pick up some pretty beads start making something without worrying about planning or anything -- just get started on something! You may surprise yourself and find that you're inspired after all. Here's a {{{{{hug}}}}}
    :) Mollie (aka PG)

  2. Thanks, Mollie!
    I did that... Fiddled with some square beads in round loops that I had made previously but it just didn't feel right...
    Oh well, maybe tonight!

    Thanks dear, you're the best!


  3. Sometimes our muse takes a hike! When that happens sometimes I force it (usually a mistake) and sometimes I just organize my stones, clean my bench, read, or are NOT alone. In fact, I blogged about this just recently. Fickle muse.

    (did you get your blog on FB figured out? if not, maybe I can help...)

  4. Thanks, Janice!
    Fortunately my muse is back!!!
    I made a pair of earrings yesterday...and another today!!! Hurrayyy!

    Yes, i figured feeding my blog into FB with the help of a friend at work. It wasn't so hard, just write the path the way FB wanted it! :)

    Thanks a lot!


    PS - I really enjoy reading your blog!


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